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On facebook or instagram I often post photos with text. When I come across some wise words someone else said before  I add them to my photo. I think that looks pretty good. It is also fun to create it.

Within the last weeks a lot of people asked me how I add text to my photos. Which program I use or if it is possible to create text on a blank card without a photo?



Most of the time I add text to my photos while working on the computer. Another option would be to use iPhone apps.

As the mobile phone display is rather small and I am short sighted I prefer working on the computer. However for small love notes like this it is ok to work with a mobile phone display.


Which programm do I use?  It works online and most of its tools are free. I use only free options and I am totally satisfied and able to create whatever I want.  It is really a great tool with a lot of possibilities to edit photos and add text.

Now, how do I add text to a photo?

Video Tutorial:  The Text Tool! I had a look at their website and found a cool Video tutorial which will help you make first steps and create beautiful masterpieces from the beginning on.

How do I add text on a blank card?

The picmonkey blog offers a cool tutorial for this topic too. Start from a blank canvas

Where do I find inspiration?

To create something from a blank sheet may feel a little bit difficult. Because you have to choose the right colors, choose a nice font and you may wonder if you should you use right, left or middle? What looks best? Take a look at pinterest, here you will find an inspirational wonderland.

Finally let me show you how I designed cards for my upcoming photo book. This is the last page and I created it once again to show you each step.

Let´s go to click on “Design” and then choose “square”.

  • On the left side you choose Canvas Color 151ba3 and apply.
  • On the left side click on “Tt” and add 3 text fields. Change color to white and add text.
  • 1. Field – Dare to dream: font Geo Sans Light, size 111
  • 2. Field – a new DREAM: font Black Jack, size 280
  • 3. Field – each day: font Geo Sans Light, size 125
  • On the left side click on the “Butterfly”, scroll down and choose “Graphic Blooms”.
  • Click on the flower, change size and place it.

new dream


So, have fun creating your own art.


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  1. Thank you for sharing this, Andrea! I have bookmarked pickmonkey and look forward to playing around with it!

  2. Andrea, thank you, thank you! I’ve been wondering how you do it ~ how you create all those beautiful pics, and now I know! This is a keeper (and I’m going to print it out as well). 😉

    • Andrea Zimmerl

      Dar, I am glad you like it and I am nosy to see your masterpieces!:)

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